The Mantis Program is a 12-week course that will help you master what you love, build your business, and live your dream.


We help you become the best version of yourself and build an unbreakable foundation for your business in 90 days or less


The Mantis Program is a proven and tested 12 week mindset & product development program that teaches you to become the best version of yourself while building an unbreakable foundation in your business in 90 days or less.


It doesn't matter if you've invested in other online courses or have zero experience.


Mantis is the shift in the mentoring industry and everything you need is outlined in this one-of-a-kind development program.


Everything inside The Mantis Program has been on the market and in practice every day by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.


Mantis is your one-stop-shop to develop an unstoppable mindset for success and takes people from self defeating attitudes to 6 figure earners with the exclusive information outlined inside.


Backed by 20+ years of personal development training, quantum strategy and eighteen years of marketing expertise in an easy to follow step-by-step formula. 


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Super Fun One-On-One & Group Mentoring In A Way You Never Expected

To find true happiness and success you need a safe place to develop without the fear of judgement or failure.

  • Proven Formulas: We've removed the confusion of developing a healthy mindset and designed a curriculum that gets you feeling the results on the very first day. We use strategic formulas to help you truly understand your mind and remove bottlenecks easily.

  • Community & Support: The truth is; if you keep thinking the same way you'll get the exact same results. In The Mantis Program you're surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs that help each other succeed every day. Change your environment, change your future.

  • Absolute Clarity: There's no greater feeling than having a powerful "Ah Ha" moment when you finally understand something you've believed to be so complex. Use your "Clarity Calendar" and speak with a team member to have all your questions answered. 

    • Mentoring Options: We are humbled by the coaches and mentors in our family that put your success above their own. True mentoring is a two way street and we all learn from one another. Finally have someone on your side that wants to help you grow YOUR business and not their own.

    Accomplish More From Anywhere

    No matter where you are in the world, we're here to support you every step of your journey.

    eLearning At It's Finest

    Everybody learns differently so we've packed Mantis with multiple multimedia solutions to help you get the most out of your time.


    Watch videos if you're a visual learner, listen to audio if you'd prefer a podcast style experience, or read the transcriptions while you're taking a breather outside. No matter your preference, we've designed Mantis with your learning in mind.


    In less than 90 days you'll become the best version of yourself and build an unbreakable foundation for your business with the information packed inside these modules.

    WEEK 1 - Developing Your Mantis Mindset & Preparing Yourself For Success

    WEEK 2 - Product Service Development & Designing Your Dream Clients

    WEEK 3 - Secrets To Adding Value To Your Product To Charge More

    WEEK 4 - Dissecting your Competition & Turning Them Into Allies

    WEEK 5 - Creating Irresistible Offers To Get Your Core Audience To Hand You Their Wallets

    WEEK 6 - Copywriting, The Power Of Words & Storytelling

    WEEK 7 - Designing Automated Funnels & Systems To Deliver Your Product

    WEEK 8 - Branding Development & Building A Powerful Online Presence 

    WEEK 9 - Advanced Traffic Secrets With The eVolve Algorithm From 11 Social Platforms

    WEEK 10 - Marketing & Advertising Your Product To Your Core Audience

    Up until this point you've been taking all the necessary steps to release the perfect ad, to the perfect person, at the perfect price, with absolute precision.


    When you do this correctly, and you will, all of your hard work will pay off and you will see a return in your investment much sooner than expected. Facebook ads is the most analytically accurate marketing platform on the planet and should not be overlooked.


    Get good at this, and you'll feel unstoppable and nothing will get in your way.


    44 minutes of the unfiltered truth & insider approaches to marketing and advertising on all Social Media platforms. Learn how to leverage the strength of the most powerful targeting system on the planet (2 PDFs + 4 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour mentoring)​ 


    [VIDEO] 44:04

    • The Power Of Facebook Advertising And How To Make It Your Best Friend
    • Advertising Preparation & Checklists For An Effective Workflow
    • Pixels & Tracking Configurations For Creating Omnipresence 
    • Multimedia & Strategy For Planning Your Attack
    • The Unforgiving Truth About Advertising​ & How To Advertise With Confidence



    The Mantis Program

    Becoming the best version of yourself has never been more satisfying than with this one-of-a-kind mindset & product business development program.

    • 10 highly detailed modules with video, audio, eBooks, PDFs & downloads

    • 12 week online training program with clarity calendar 

    • 40+ transformational videos with updated resources & specific assignments

    • Powerful accountability system with online support

    • Private online community with access to group or one-on-one coaching 

    • Lifetime access and monthly updates to all new material


    Everyone in The Mantis Program started at a different place in their mind and their business. This hasn't stopped them from feeling more successful every day and making real progress in their business.

    Alison Robertson

    Coach / Actor / Public Speaker

    Working with Kohdi is like finding a member of your dream team!

    Kohdi has patience, insight and forward thinking to allow your business to level up to where you know it belongs.


    He makes a plan with cutting edge intentions, marketing and a plan that start day one and empowers you to challenge your own vision at the same time learning as you grow generate and build the company that has always been slightly out of your reach.  


    He makes your vision a reality.

    Alyssa Montez


    A few months ago, I met two Guiding Lights along my Journey.


    Kohdi Rayne, being one of those Lights, guided me into the Masterpieces he had Created, more specifically "The Mantis Program".


    After sitting down with Kohdi and being accepted into "The Mantis Program", I quickly Innerstood my entire world was Shifting for more Direction that I had been subtly Seeking. Entering the Dimensions of the Mantis Mindset; I was Effortlessly taken to Levels of Myself, I had Sensibly known about.


    Now we can say it may have been Aligning of the Stars, the Fact I wasn't Settling for Less, Leaving a Relationship, Going all In, doesn't really matter because it was all of those things leading up even to this exact Moment. One thing I do know, is that I Believe in the Soul of "The Mantis Program" because I Believe in Myself.


    Working 1 on 1 with Kohdi was truly one of my most Trustworthy Decisions as the Progress Levels within Myself were extremely Beneficial to Who I personally am and especially within my Company. 


    I am Genuinely Grateful to have been a part of the Aphid Family to Grow alongside fellow Manti. As I move closer and closer to Completion of "The Mantis Program", I learned this Journey begins Anew every single day and I am truly Honored to continue this Journey within a Culture full of Light and Love.



    Melissa Pressman

    COO, She Creates

    Working with Kohdi will change your business for the better.


    My business partner and I have been looking for years to find someone who can do what Kohdi does. 


    He doesn’t just talk to hear his own voice or sell promises he can’t back up, which is a problem we have run into time and time again with other business coaches. 


    He gets how marketing works and what’s even better is he can explain it in a way that is so clear you get what he’s talking about.


    We, for the first time, feel like we have someone on our team who will not only get us to the finish line but take us beyond.


    Ashley Wiedman

    Transform With Ashley

    I had been searching for the right mentor for 6 months before I was introduced to Kohdi.

    I knew my dream mentor would need to be the right mix of an advisor, teacher and a coach on the right toolset I would need to start and maintain my business. 


    At the time, I had no website, no business name, just a product, an idea and I was ready to grow. On our initial call, I could tell whole-heartedly that he was absolutely my dream coach and we would have a phenomenal working relationship. 


    Within about two weeks of our meeting, I officially signed up for his Mantis Program.  The curriculum was laid out in great detail and he worked around my busy schedule so we could meet twice a week during my lunch. In a month, I completed his course.  He knew I was 100% focused and went by my pace the entire time.


    I've never met such an empowering human that genuinely just wants to see his clients succeed in a way that Kohdi does.  Our sessions never felt like sessions, it was more like meeting with a friend and working together.  He helped me build an amazing website with powerful backend automations to save me (and my family) time.


    If I could rate Kohdi, it would be 5-stars but somehow that doesn't seem enough. I feel privileged to have worked with him and I highly recommend him to anyone, no matter what stage of their business they are in, because he has something for everyone - there is literally nothing this man does NOT do!  Kohdi is without a doubt, the right choice.  Thank you Kohdi, I appreciate you!

    Tobias Maskell

    Self Mastery Systems

    My business partner and I have been looking for years to find someone who can do what Kohdi does.  

    He doesn’t just talk to hear his own voice or sell promises he can’t back up, which is a problem we have run into time and time again with other business coaches.  


    He gets how marketing works and what’s even better is he can explain it in a way that is so clear you get what he’s talking about. We, for the first time, feel like we have someone on our team who will not only get us to the finish line but take us beyond.


    That's why I dove head first into The Mantis Program. I wanted to discover what it is that I am missing in my business and how to create success even though I don't quite feel as though I can deliver enough value to my ideal prospects.


    Kohdi uprooted that faulty belief after we had our first clarity follow up call to see how I was doing with the first couple of modules in the program.


    If it wasn't for the positive feedback and encouragement from Kohdi, as well as the quality information inside of the mantis program, I would have never had the courage to actually create the course of my dreams, for my dream clients!


    I can't recommend Kohdi enough. Even if the Mantis program isn't right for you, Kohdi will 100% support you no matter what you need!




    No matter how successful you already feel this program provides you with everything you need to become the best version of yourself and build an unbreakable foundation for your business in 90 days or less.

    $1,997/ Or 5X Payments Of $597

    $5,997 everyday price.

    100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


    The Mantis Program is battle tested by thousands of entrepreneurs. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee. Try the program risk free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14-days and we'll refund you in full.

    • Start transforming your mindset & become the best version of yourself

    • Find out what your truly passionate about & start earning your dream income

    • Finally have a blueprint for success & have a plan you enjoy sticking to

    Kohdi Rayne

    Servant Leader, Aphid ID L.L.C.


    After years of developments and 11 months of design we have gathered the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you.

    What separates Mantis from the rest?

    That's a great question. The truth is, we've taken hundreds of courses, have seen thousands of programs that all fail to deliver two of the most important factors that get people results...


    ...customization and a mentoring system that's based around the individual instead of their product or service.


    Mantis was designed with the phrase, "I've wasted thousands of dollars on other programs and never made my money back because they wanted me to sell their program for me to get results" in mind.


    We simply do it better & the sole purpose of The Mantis Program is to support you on your journey with with us on your team.

    How long does it take to get results?

    How much time do I need to dedicate?

    How does the support system work?

    We know how important a strong support system is so we've approached Mantis with that element as a staple in it's development.


    We've provided an exclusive clarity calendar inside your membership area so you can schedule a one-on-one session with a Mantis family member.


    Our private Facebook group is a great place to interact and ask questions to other entrepreneurs going through the program. Everyone inside is there to help each other succeed.


    Online support works with our automated help desk and you're provided a support email address to reach out if necessary.


    Also, we are strong believers that those that work together get the best results. Feel free to join our weekly Mantis Mentor Zoom calls and join us in a group setting at your convenience.


    Don't worry, if you are unavailable to meet up with the team our automated accountability system will send you an invitation to watch the replay.

    How do I get a quick ROI after purchase?

    How successful is The Mantis Program?

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