Most online coaching programs are advertised on the premise that they will  truly help you build or scale up your own business. But a few weeks into them you find yourself  spending more time recruiting new affiliates for that coach and building their business instead.Sounds familiar?'re not alone’s where these programs fall short:

They captivate your imagination and get you super pumped while promising you incredible results with minimal effort involved.

Granted, they may be really good at branding themselves,  they’ve created a typical program that teaches you how to build a business by training you on how to sell their products. Yes, you’re getting experience by marketing their product online but, this only takes time away from building your online business and doing what you love.

They lack the One-On-One support and reaching out to their customer support can be a bit of a challenge.

How are you supposed to build your own empire when the only questions you get answered are ones that pertain to selling their products? 

Trying to relate your dream to their service is just a waste of your energy. You really want someone to look at your ideas and answer questions that support your business.

They charge you BIG BUCKS and you don’t get the return you expected​.

Coaching programs aren’t cheap. Inexpensive ones start  around $2,000 and the elite ones charge $35,000 or more for the One-On-One experience. In other words, here’s the paradox: You’d have to already have some degree of success to be able to invest in such programs, with still no guarantee of success. But the results you get from a training program are paramount to your success.


So, one has to ask: “Who wants to invest that much into a coaching platform and still have questions that may go unanswered?”

Where does that leave you?

Feeling like there’s an multitude of coaching programs out there and feeling unsure if it’s even worth your time and money anymore. Honestly, haven't they all promised the same thing and have still fallen short?​ Something's missing...


Like most people, you could by course after course (as  I did) in hopes of finding the one that actually gives you the information you need to skyrocket your business. Or, continue learning everything on your own with minimal results

However, that comes with its own set of problems:

SO MUCH INFORMATION! What do you do with all of these programs and source materials? Do you store it all in a folder and refer back to it when needed, provided you remember it's there, or force yourself to digest everything and hope you're doing it right?

Typical coaching programs leave you with tons of information that may be useful but doesn’t specifically address building your business. They rarely address your burning questions that will help you start making money online. With all this amazing information, how do you make it all work together? Even if it does make sense, do you know where to troubleshoot when you reach a bottleneck?

WHAT ABOUT TIME? As an entrepreneur, your time is probably stretched enough as it is. Family, job, self-care, and still trying to make time to enjoy yourself on the weekend. How much time do you really have to learn it all on your own? How can you be sure you’re learning what you need to do what you love?  MORE IMPORTANTLY, how much time are you wasting?

Time management has less to do with clocks and more to do with happiness. When we enjoy doing something we commit to following through. Our focus is at a peak state, our dedication increases, and our quality of life improves. A healthy coaching platform needs a system that holds you accountable and gets you excited to make progress every day. Sadly, this is one of the most important factors that other coaching platforms lack. FUN!


Who Am I

& How Do I know All This?


Hi, I’m Kohdi Rayne and I was once in your shoes. 


I’ve been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 16 years and was able to build numerous organizations from less than nothing to 6 figures in under 6 months with The Mantis Program.


Not only am I the creator of The 3Volve Algorithm, aka “The Blackbook Of Organic Traffic” but I’ve successfully built a team of over 100 entrepreneurs that are experts in what they do.


Over the years, I've experienced all the same frustrations you have when it comes to marketing myself and being recognized as an authority in my niche.


For years, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting traffic or making sales. I mean, I have an amazing service but it seemed impossible to attract the right clients. Sadly, this is because I completely skipped the self-branding part and focused only on my company’s message. The reality is, it doesn’t matter what your company does or what you provide, if the market doesn’t trust you as a person, your product or service simply doesn’t matter.


It's depressing, because up until now, you've only had two options to start growing your business online.


Scour the internet and gather as much information you can that supports your dream and hope that you’re doing it the right way. Or, take an online coaching program that promises mentoring that costs a small fortune and hope for a quick return on your investment.

Not all coaching programs are created equal and don’t guarantee results anyway. That’s because in order to get real results with your product or services, they'll literally need to be inside your mind and work with your hurdles  as they arise

The good news is that today, there's a better option!


...AND I'm the person that's going to help you become the best versions of yourself while building your business online. Day in, day out, One-On-One, me and you!



"An Entrepreneurs Guide To Financial Freedom"


12 Week Online Course With One-On-One Mentoring & Accountability

The Mantis Program isn't the typical course you'll find online. It's a custom designed business model complete with a 6 figure marketing mentor and a team of experts helping you succeed. No matter what your journey to success looks like, we're here for you every step of the way.


Even if:  

  • The Mantis Program is a one-of-a-kind system that helps you develop an unstoppable mindset for success while giving you the skills and tools needed to take your life and business to the next level. Even if you have no idea what you want to do for a living.

  • Mantis was designed to improve your outlook on the steps needed to get your business off the ground. Even if you’ve tried everything, you’re exhausted, and ready to give up on living your dream.

  • The Mantis Program is ingeniously curated to empower you to operate at a peak state of performance even if you’ve tried everything and have been let down by other coaching platforms.

There’s only three things you need to qualify and get results from The Mantis Program: 1. The right mindset, 2. Specialized knowledge, and 3. A blueprint for success. The best part about Mantis? Even if you don’t have all three, we help you develop them and get extreme results faster than all other coaching platforms.

The Mantis Program Guarantees Immediate Results In Your Mindset & Wallet Without Sacrificing Time You Could Be Spending On Yourself & Your Family. 

An investment in your mindset is an investment in your business. When you develop a healthy mindset that empowers you to focus on your business, it also provides an undeniable desire to improve on relationships with the people around you. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself. The stronger your personal relationships, the healthier your business.

Do you want to do what you’re truly passionate about for a living? Perhaps, take a small idea and turn it into a highly profitable business starting with what you already have? In only ONE conversation with me, I’ll put your dream blueprint in absolute details so you know exactly what your next steps to success are.

Looking for a mentor that is excited to work with you and truly WANTS to see you succeed? Someone that’s going to help you become the best version of yourself while you work on building your business online? Why not work with a 6 figure internet marketing mentor and a team of experts, right?

With The Mantis Program you’ll get actual results and be excited about doing the work because you’re so excited with the progress you’ll see in yourself every day. Oh, and make money MUCH SOONER with your ideas than expected. Just Like Delphine Cerdan, Rose Tan, Judith Hall, Candace Aikens, & Ashley Wiedeman.

Mantis isn’t going to take up every second of your spare time and force you to complete tasks in between mentoring. It’s going to GIVE YOU time freedom, amplify your worth, and show you every day that you’re beyond capable of living the life you’ve been working hard for. Simply put, you’ll be in absolute alignment to live your dream life while making a living at the same time.

Mantis Is Only As Hard As You Make It & We’ve Over-Simplified The Process For You To Enjoy The Solutions

Seriously, if you can allow yourself to laugh, I'll temporarily make you 31% smarter every day.

You don’t need to understand web design or advanced psychological tactics to know that happy people do happy things and are more likely to buy from you when there's trust involved.

You don’t even need to arrive prepared with a deep understanding of the homework. You can literally move at your own pace and ask ridiculous questions that don’t even pertain to the program.


Anyone can get immediate results using the progress they’ve already made because the system is designed to help you reach milestones even when you're not the one doing the work. That’s right! When you’re relaxing, I’m with my team strategizing how we can simplify your success even further. Literally, looking at your blueprint and finding ways to amplify your progress before our next session.

Say Goodbye To Lost Progress & Bad Investments

Nobody likes making a financial investment and getting little to no return. Nobody does. Unfortunately, this happens far more often than not  because "gurus" sell you on the dream instead of putting in the REAL work themselves and designing a hybrid program that guarantees results.


It’s simple, Mindset – Specialized Knowledge – Blueprint – Empowerment – Accountability = Success. If any one of these important steps are overlooked, you risk being disappointed and financially frustrated. Or worse, in debt .

That’s why you need a simplified program that works with your mindset and challenges without breaking the bank and forcing you to sacrifice time. The Mantis Program is the SHIFT in the coaching industry and is the most thorough program you’ll see today. As a matter of fact, we help coaches become the best versions of themselves too, so their programs get results like ours. GASP!

  • 12 weeks + 12, 1 hour mentoring sessions with exclusive priority scheduling on a private calendar provided by your very own 6 Figure Marketing Mentor. Time never expires. Use it when your need it.

  • 18 extremely powerful transformational mindset videos that will shift you into the best version of yourself while you make progress in your business (Step-by-step PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly

  • 2.5 hours of in depth videos and walkthroughs for taking your ideas and turning them into a fulfilling online business while getting into the minds of your DREAM CLIENTS (PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly

  • 2 Hours of laser focused value videos emphasizing your ability to add extreme amounts of value to your product and service so you can charge any price you want PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBooks + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly

  • 1.5 hours of targeted video tactics to help you design an irresistible offer and make your dream clients buy your product without thinking twice (PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly

  • 2 hours of detailed information to locate & dissect your competition, turn them into allys, & find ways to get your product in the market better than the elites (PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly

  • 2 hours of undeniably accurate explainer videos strengthening your power of words & advanced psychological approaches to get anyone to trust you instantly and buy your products (PDFs + 3 bonus Videos + eBooks + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly 

  • 2 hours of incredibly detailed videos helping develop a system to automate the core functions of your business. Funnels & web development for easy sequencing. (PDFs + 3 bonus Videos + eBooks + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring) - Updated monthly 

  • 2 hours of self-branding, product story, and company message videos to explode your online presence while subtly demanding authority or become a household name (PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour Mentoring)

  • 1.5 hours of video teaching you the advanced traffic secrets professionals use to build 6 figure sales teams and generate EXTREME amounts of traffic back to sales pages for maximum profits fast (PDFs + 3 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour mentoring) 

  • 2 hours of the unfiltered truth & insider approaches to marketing and advertising on all Social Media platforms. Learn how to leverage the strength of the most powerful targeting system on the planet (2 PDFs + 4 Bonus Videos + 1 eBook + Audio + 1 Hour mentoring)


Unlock The Mantis Program Today & You'll Also Receive a Special Bonus


Order today and our friends over at Earn Every Day will send you 10 VIP coupons valued at over $5,000 for all your vacation needs. When you’re making your dream income, you deserve a dream vacation. Resort fees aren’t cheap. Sometimes costing $3,000 or more to have a fun time. Apply these coupons to your airfare, booking fees, food orders, family fun, and exclusive tours and save over $5,000 as a thank you from us to you. Use them on yourself or send to a friend. Either way, you deserve discounted access to a luxury vacation.

Read what our clients often say about their long-term results after joining The Mantis Program​



Beyond what I was hoping for!  


Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with The Mantis Program! It's seriously priceless. I wasted money on so many other courses but this is the best by far! I received immediate results and made my money back in less than a month. Working with Kohdi Rayne has been a life changing experience and I plan on working with him for years!​


-Jazmine S, San Diego, CA



“You are the best mentor I’ve had since I started marketing!


I thank God that I met you. God bless you brother. Sometimes we trust the wrong people but you are the best mentor! Honestly, it's because you put my skills into a program that works and money into my pocket fast. I’ve never had a mentor that cared so deeply about a soul!”


Rory B. Michigan.



When you consider everything you get with The Mantis Program...


10+ hours of training videos, 12+ hours of One-On-One mentoring, all bonus & explainer videos, podcast material, eBooks, exclusive PDFs, private downloads, and 6 figure insider coaching valued at over $33,000 that guarantees you'll become the best version of yourself AND build a successful business online…


The Mantis Program is an incredible value...


Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the question is:


Can you afford NOT to qualify for The Mantis Program and continue scouring the internet to gather as much information you can and hope you’re doing it the right way? 


...Or, take another online coaching program that promises mentoring at a price that seems impossible to afford and hope for a quick return on your investment?...


...Or maybe even wasting every second of your spare time trying to complete important tasks while feeling like you aren't making any progress towards living your dream.


Consider the cost of NOT acting today.


Now that I've said that, I'm ready to reveal the price...


Because I’m spending more One-On-One time with my private clients and helping even more people succeed every single day, The Mantis Masterclass is available online for $1,497. The serial entrepreneurs that qualify can work with me for only $2,497 or 3 payments of $833.


If you were to pay for the opportunity to work with a 6 figure marketing mentor & asked for over 30 hours of their private lessons, you'd EASILY spend over $35,000 to get the results you want. With The Mantis Program, you’re spending a 10th of the price and getting even better results, regardless of how long it takes you to finish.



Remember that we offer a full 14-day refund guarantee, so it's a risk-free purchase!

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

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